Single Life Workshop Crash Course

Single Life Workshop Crash Course

A Journey Towards Intimate Relationships | taught by Single Life Workshop Speakers

Course description

You were created for connection.

At the core of who we are, we have been designed with a desire for relationship – to experience intimacy and connection, and to know others and be known ourselves. Yet many are left not knowing how to create this type of deep connection. Single Life Workshop helps individuals build genuine and meaningful relationships with others that actually satisfies our natural longing to feel truly connected.

Not experiencing the type of relationships you desire, especially when you don’t know how to create them, can feel frustrating and even hopeless at times. We understand, and have helped thousands of people experience deeper levels of relationship they didn’t even know were possible.

Built upon the transformational success of Love After Marriage and tailored for singles, Single Life Workshop (SLW) provides key relational tools that can be applied by any person in any walk of life who wants another level of depth in their relationships – whether that’s your friendships, dating relationships, or even engagement.

By going through the SLW eCourse, you will:

1. Discover how to allow yourself to be fully known, seen and loved in your relationships.
2. Practice applying simple and powerful tools that will create deeper connection in your communication and interaction with others.
3. Learn how to fully embrace your sexuality as the gift from God that it is while you’re single.

Don’t miss out on the significant amounts of joy, pleasure, freedom, and fun that God desires for us to experience through relationships. By taking the time and learning how to do relationships well, you are setting up the foundations for a more fulfilling life.

Sign up for the FREE Single Life Workshop Crash Course today to get a sneak peek into some of SLW's core insights, tools, and teachings. Why? Because equipping yourself now will make a difference in all your relationships to come!

The Single Life Workshop Crash Course contains:

  • 2 Teaching Videos
    • "How To Bring God Into The Relationship"
    • "Taking Away The Horribleness Of 'No'"
  • Tools and Activation Homework
  • A FREE download of the Nothing Hidden Ministries Tool Booklet PDF
  • A FREE download of the SLW Relationship Health Checklist PDF, which contains 41 questions that will give you insight into the health and compatibility of your growing friendships and romantic relationships

This crash course is designed to "jumpstart" you on your journey toward deeper connection in your relationships. If you'd like the full Single Life Workshop eCourse experience, please see the Single Life Workshop eCourse page.

Be Blessed,

Nothing Hidden Ministries

Single Life Workshop Speakers
Single Life Workshop Speakers
The Byrnes

Barry & Lori ByrneNHM Founders & Directors

Barry Byrne has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years, as well as a devoted student of God’s Word. He has ministered at Bethel Church in Redding, California in the Transformation Center both as a teacher and supervisor to the counselors. His wisdom, experience and anointing in the area of Spirit-led inner-healing are powerfully matched with the Father’s heart of love to bring about life-changing breakthrough for hundreds of clients and participants.

Lori Byrne is a fourth-generation pastor with a strong gift of discernment and the prophetic. Having counseled people for years within the church, she draws from a vast wealth of wisdom and experience in connecting and building intimate relationships in the body of Christ.

Barry and Lori have been married since 1979, and currently reside in Redding, CA and are on staff at Bethel Church. The delight of their lives are their 4 adult sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren, who are all involved in various ways with their ministry.

Brendon Byrne | SLW Co-Founder

Brendon Byrne is a life coach, speaker, and author. With a degree in Psychology and years of experience as a men’s purity group leader, Brendon has helped countless individuals move towards sexual purity, freedom in areas of struggle, and deeper connection in their relationships and with God. He’s committed to empowering others like you to continually move toward the abundant life we are all meant to live. He currently lives in Redding, CA.

Jeremy Byrne | SLW Speaker

Jeremy Byrne lives in Los Angeles with his wife Britt.  He has completed two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.  Jeremy has his own relationship coaching practice, is a licensed cosmetologist (hairstylist), a commercial actor, co-hosts a podcast, writes music with his brother Justin as part of the duo Jer & Jaws, has a YouTube channel with his wife and leads worship at their church in LA. He combines his life experience with God, his talents as an entertainer, and genuine love for people to lead singles into breakthrough while having fun.

Justin Byrne | SLW Speaker

Justin Byrne is a musician/songwriter who has written and co-written many songs performed by Bethel Church (Redding) and Jesus Culture. He is currently living in Redding producing music as well as editing special NHM media projects remotely. He brings a passion to see God transform lives in the workshops and shares his story with vulnerability and humor.

Nothing Hidden Ministries is committed to helping people just like you experience deeper connection in their relationships and with God by living a lifestyle of openness, transparency, and vulnerability in community.

NHM is the home of Love After Marriage, Single Life Workshop, and Spirit Connection.

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Course Curriculum

1. Intro + How To Bring God Into The Relationship
Intro + How To Bring God Into The Relationship PDF
How To Bring God Into The Relationship
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2. Taking Away The Horribleness Of "No"
Taking Away the Horribleness of "No" PDF
Taking Away the Horribleness of "No"
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SLW Relationship Health Checklist
Nothing Hidden Ministries Tool Booklet PDF
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Reviews (4)

by Michael Shivers
Great preview and beginning!

by Garcia Laguerre

by Amrit Arulampalam
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by Michael Shivers
Great preview and beginning!

by Garcia Laguerre

by Amrit Arulampalam

Hearing a No

by Tanja Dreyer
I have a friend who has been practicing these principles unknowingly by always checking in first with God for whatever he is about to respond or do. His wisdom (which I believe is actually God's wisdom) was made clear as I worked through the Crash Course of SLW. Thank you for this. My perspective and how I was thinking about this has changed. Renewed mind!